In an unprecedented step, Probond Marine Limited (in Administration) is forced to respond to numerous malicious and misleading statements made recently by Barry Carson of Carson Marine and the Carson CTruk Marine Services Limited partnership on their website, social media and various industry forums.


1.Probond Marine Limited was established to manufacturer and sell Carson RIBs, in partnership, with Barry Carson of Carson Marine.

2.Probond Marine Limited has never traded as the Ultimate Boat Company.

3.With the exception of a joint marketing event related to an UIM World Record, which lasted a few months during the first half of 2018, the Ultimate Boat Company has never had any involvement or interest in Probond Marine Limited. For the avoidance of any possible doubt, the Ultimate Boat Company never built or sold Carson RIBs or any RIBs designed by Barry Carson of Carson Marine and the Carson CTruk Marine Services Limited partnership.


4.In late 2017, a dispute arose between myself and Barry Carson which was the product of:


a)Barry Carson’s narcissistic, coercive and corrosive behaviour;

b)Barry Carson’s unprovoked, defamatory and derogatory comments about Probond Marine Limited to customers, suppliers, stakeholders and strategic partners; and

c)Barry Carson’s repudiatory breaches of our contractual relationship.


This resulted in Probond Marine Limited taking High Court action against Barry Carson of Carson Marine Limited and the Carson CTruk Marine Services Limited partnership.


5.Probond Marine Limited was forced to abandon its High Court action against Barry Carson because of his:


a)repeated refusal to engage in mediation to resolve the matter;

b)statutory filing claiming ‘paucity of funds’ being unable to pay his court fees; and

c)mounting legal costs with no prospect of recovering any damages awarded.


By the time I made the decision to abandon the High Court action against Barry Carson, I had already spent £117,000 over the preceding two year period, with an additional £150,000 required to conclude this matter in court, and became aware that Barry Carson was a ‘man of straw’ claiming paucity of funds. This matter never went to “full trial”.


6.Despite his highly publicised claims to the contrary:

a)Barry Carson has not been awarded “several hundreds of thousands pounds” by the High Court; and

b)No assets have been hidden from creditors. In fact, all assets owned by Probond Marine Limited were offered for public sale with the vast majority of the aged assets and outdated designs being purchased by the Carson CTruk Marine Services Limited partnership.


These statements made by Barry Carson are false but serve to illustrate his perfidious nature and behaviour.


Probond Marine Limited has previously apologised unreservedly to its loyal employees who lost their jobs and to the small number of innocent suppliers affected by the administration process. With this in mind, I have resisted making any public comment on this matter – however, Barry Carson’s vitriolic and distasteful comments constitute harassment and have demanded this response.

Should you wish to contact me about this matter, please feel free to email me at:


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