I met, Barry Carson, following an enquiry into an old hull mould that he was selling on eBay after Carson Marine had gone out of business and ceased production. I purchased his 4.2M and 6M moulds and tooling.

Subsequently, Carson suggested that Probond Marine should enter into a commercial arrangement and partnership with his Carson Marine brand. Although retired by this point, Carson would offer design and sales services in return for the use of the Carson brand name for marketing purposes. It was agreed that a larger modern hull design would be required and so I commissioned and paid Barry Carson to design the Interceptor range (7.5m – 9.5m) and assist in the development of production tooling. However, following our initial successes in completing the first 9.5M demonstrator and successful sale of 2 customer boats my relationship with Carson soured dramatically. I was becoming increasingly concerned by his overbearing attitude and Carson treating Probond Marine like an ATM machine.

It was around this time, that I was made aware that Carson had undertaken several ill-fated similar commercial ventures in the past with reputable 3rd parties, all of which ended in acrimony and litigation. Whilst making little effort to market or sell the new range of boats (as per our agreement) Carson instead began to feather his own nest and had developed a competitive proposition with other larger partners. This new proposition effectively ripped-off the design that I had paid him handsomely for and he even went on to market them as bigger and better.

I was alerted to his perfidious behaviour when customers and partners notified me that he had been using his position within Probond Marine to solicit and re-direct their business opportunities to his new business venture. The ‘final straw’ was when Barry Carson of Carson Marine attempted to undermine our ‘good standing’ with key financial institutions that were providing funding to my company. This unilateral and defamatory act resulted in the immediate cessation of production of all Carson related products and High Court action being taken against Barry Carson of Carson Marine and the Carson CTruk Marine Services Limited partnership.

Following legal advice; all Carson tooling, moulds and demonstrator boats were either offered for sale or disposed of. With the bulk of Carson’s antiquated 30 – 40 year-old moulds and tooling being sold to his latest business partnership with CTruk Marine Services Limited.

In total, only three Interceptors were ever made, one of which has recently been scrapped and disposed of by its owner.

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