UIM Record

1.In 2017, Probond Marine in partnership with Barry Carson of Carson Marine were approached by the Ultimate Boat Company to collaborate on their exciting UIM World Record project. This project was exclusively intended to be a brand launch event for the Ultimate Boat Company as a new entrant into the marine industry.


2.Believing it to be a phenomenal opportunity to raise the profile of Probond Marine, we agreed to build the record vessel itself. However, almost immediately, Barry Carson seemed determined to sabotage the venture. Initially, he attempted to hijack this opportunity to create a platform to re-launch his own career, the dormant Carson brand and then to promote apparently new business ventures. Unsurprisingly, the Ultimate Boat Company and the other main sponsors were unwilling to support or pander to Carson or his delusions of grandeur and self importance.

3.In his email dated 16 January 2018 (almost two months before the UIM World Record project had even begun) to all stakeholders and sponsors, Barry Carson made it tolerably clear by stating “…please be advised that as I am no longer involved in your record boat project and have already advised you and Colin/Probond of the same and that all my professional and technical support is also withdrawn, I cannot therefore guarantee the safety and integrity of this boat, particularly regarding its intended use, substantial structural modifications, and or any other matters regarding said boat and record challenges. No technical drawings and or specifications have to date been supplied to Probond… In addition I am sure you will appreciate that I have a professional and legal responsibility to advise Suzuki UK and or any other relevant parties of the same”.  

4.Following Carson’s departure from the project, Probond Marine was determined to continue its participation and offered to build a 10.5M prototype vessel that was developed from our original Interceptor 9.5M design which we purchased from Barry Carson.


5.For avoidance of any possible doubt;

a)Probond Marine Limited invested in the development of the 10.5M prototype vessel called “Divine Wind”;


b)Probond Marine retained full ownership of the vessel throughout its existence;


c)Suzuki Marine UK retained full ownership of their engines, provided under a ‘loan and demo’ agreement; and


d)The Ultimate Boat Company sponsored the naming rights attributed to the project for their marketing purposes.


6.In the end, the 10.5M prototype did not perform as intended with the semi-wave piercing bow steering uncontrollably in a following sea; it included at least three, if not four steps to many in the hull; it was deeply unstable at high speeds requiring continuous trim adjustments....  these issues were later confirmed by naval architects using propulsive performance analysis, resistance and seakeeping performance, hydrodynamic characteristic modelling and testing. The Interceptor hull as concept simply didn't work and the project was abandoned.


7.The record boat “Divine Wind” was decommissioned in 2019, and later disposed of…..  

Attached below, are photographs of me decommissioning the vessel and copies of the documents relating to her disposal. The perceived delay in her final disposal were as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic and prevailing border closure on the Isle of Man.

All of which, has been previously disclosed to Barry Carson of Carson Marine and the Carson Ctruk Marine Services Limited partnership.


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